MacBook Pro 13″ A1502 Early 2015 Full Screen Display Assembly Replacement Panel – 661-02360


  • Three Available Options
  • Compatibility Year: 2015
  • Model: A1502 – 661-02360
  • Screen Size: 13″
  • Display Type: Retina
  • Screen Resolution: 2560×1600
  • Compatible Brand: Apple
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This screen model is sold with three different conditions listed here. Click the tabs for more details.

  • Brand New
  • Grade A (like new)
  • Grade B (refurbished great condition)

Brand New Condition: Both the main LCD panel and the outer metal housing are 100% brand new.

Grade A (Like New) Condition: Internal LCD screen is 100% brand new. The back of outer metal housing where the Apple logo is located has one or two very small and barely noticeable blemishes on the metal plate.

Grade B (Refurbished) Condition: The main LCD display screen is in perfect working condition. The outer metal housing has some scratches on the back of it. The back of the outer metal housing is covered by a thin durable film (same color as the metal housing). This film covers some cosmetic issues such as scratches or blemishes. Apple logo is visible and clear.

High quality complete LCD screen display assembly replacement for Apple MacBook Pro retina 13 inch early 2015 year model. This part replaces the entire top display part of the MacBook. It includes the screen, the housting, camera, hinges, wiring, aircard, etc.

This model has a 13.3″ color widescreen LED-backlit display with IPS technology with a 2560 by 1600 native resolution at 227 ppi (178-degree viewing angle). It also supports scaled resolutions of 1680 by 1050, 1440 by 900, and 1024 by 640.

Common Questions and Answers:

Q – What MacBook models is this part compatible with?
A- This part is compatible with all 2015 13 Inch MacBook Pro Retina models.

  • Retina Early 2015 13″ – MF839LL/A – MacBookPro12,1 – A1502 – 2835
  • Retina Early 2015 13″ – MF841LL/A – MacBookPro12,1 – A1502 – 2835
  • Retina Early 2015 13″ – MF843LL/A – MacBookPro12,1 – A1502 – 2835

Q – How do I know if I need to replace my screen?
A- The only sure way is when your MacBook LCD screen has a damage. For example, if you have dropped your MacBook or if something has hit the screen or if you left an object on the keyboard and closed the screen on top of it by accident. These issues causes your screen to have colored vertical lines (red, blue, green) or you will notice dark spots that look like black ink spills or white spots with no image. 

If your screen is just totally dark or flickers of if the image gets distorted when you close or open your MacBook, the issue could be something other than the screen itself. Issues such as a bad iOS update or problems with the logic board/video chip or wiring can cause these issues and they are not directly related to the screen. 

Q – How can I check to make sure I am buying the right screen for my MacBook model?

  1. Turn your MacBook upside down and look on the bottom where the screws are
  2. You will find two to three lines of writing on the bottom of your MacBook on the metal plate
  3. There is a model number and serial number there that you will need. Model number starts with a Capital letter A followed by four numbers. Example: A1398 or A1502. Copy both the serial number and the model number.
  4. Go to Apple warranty lookup page here and type in the serial number and click continue. Write down the year model that Apple displays for your MacBook.
  5. Locate the search icon on the top right corner of this page or any page on our website.
  6. Type the model number and the year model in the search field and you will find the screen/s compatible with your MacBook model.

Q – Will this screen be the same screen as the one that came with my MacBook?
A- Yes, we actually use these screens for our own repairs and they are one of the best quality MacBook screen replacements you can find the market right now.

Q – How long does it take for this part to arrive?
A- We usually ship all orders on the same day or within 24 hours after it is ordered. Delivery time takes around 3 days. We ship Monday through Friday.

Please visit our store policy page for complete list of policies.


This is a full LCD screen display assembly replacement panel for Apple MacBook Pro A1502 retina 13″ early 2015.